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    Early February, we attended to Næringsforeningen 2023, an important business occasion in Fredrikstad organized by Fredrikstad Næringsforening. During the event, our Sales & Marketing Director Thor-Erik Nyseth performed a remarkable presence as one of the main speakers. 

    Fredrikstad Næringsforening (FNF) is an organization that works for increasing business development in Fredrikstad and Nedre Glomma region. The organization aims to enhance valuable connections between businesses and public authorities. In order to build connections and strong business developments, FNF organizes several events throughout the year. 

    Næringsforeningen 2023 was held on February 9 with a very interesting theme this year, marketing! Martine G. Hartford, Marketing Manager at Brødrene Ødegård, and Thor-Erik Nyseth, Sales and Marketing Director at Unger, shared their remarkable insights about marketing, digital marketing, and brand management. 

    As one of the main speakers, our marketing mastermind, Thor-Erik, presented Unger’s innovative brand strategies and new brand book. As a 100 years old company, Unger took a very important step to create a new brand book. Unger worked on new and innovative brand strategies to reflect Unger’s core values the best. Unger utilized the brand book based on the Golden Circle theory, developed by the marketing expert and author Simon Sinek. The new brand identity and strategies aim to reflect our core values and Unger’s purpose of developing solutions for the future, which allow everyone a cleaner everyday life! 

    According to Hege Bongard, head of public relations at Fredrikstad Næringsforening, the presentations and mingling had been fantastic to learn through knowledge sharing. “Lifelong learning is an important competitive force, and it is great that companies such as Unger and Ødegård Maskindrift stand up and share their knowledge and experiences”, says Hege. 

    We would like to thank Hege Bongard and Fredrikstad Næringsforening for organizing this remarkable event. Fredrikstad Næringsforening continues developing businesses and valuable connections through several events and special projects.  

    Visit their website and check upcoming activities!  

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