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    In mid-November, did the official launch of a new book about Unger Fabrikker AS take place at Litteraturhuset Fredrikstad.

    Written by local author Lars Tore Bøe, and covering the 100 years of history at Unger Fabrikker from 1922 to 2022.
    Bøe writes in his preface that he has had a consistent thread: Looking for the “Unger-soul”. He has been a detective to find sources that can shed light on an entire century, so the sources are both living voices, as well as historical sources.
    This has resulted in a beautiful book, with the quirky title: “Det skommær i ælva!” (The river is foaming). A book covering everything from the chemistry, the building, the people and the company’s development over the years. Packed with illustrations, documents and pictures.
    This beautiful historical book, is so far only available in Norwegian.